Age of Empires IV gameplay videos show Delhi Sultanate and more; arriving later this year


Age of Empires, one of the most popular strategy games that has gone through several iterations and spin-offs over the years, is coming back once again. The Age of Empires 4 title is coming this year to PC, Xbox Game Pass for PC and via Steam. The gameplay of the same was recently showcased on YouTube by the official Age of Empires channel. Also mentioned is that the closed beta of the title is already underway.

In the series of videos, we see the firm showing the ‘Delhi Sultanate’ civilisation among other civilisations. We see a lot more life-like animations along with more realistic war, animal and human movements. A lot of war Elephants are also shown in the particular civilisation along with forts and walls, many of which resemble the looks we have seen in forts in India. In addition, we see new animations by farmers when they reap crops and other soldiers cheering once they win the war.

Some UI tweaks are also visible in the gameplay video. The information cards on the bottom left side are more refined and clean, and the map on the bottom right has also been revamped. It also shows new animations when a battle is taking place. The objectives are visible on the top left corner.

Another gameplay video showcased the Chinese Empire and the battle during the Feudal Age. This time there is a “unique architecture and costuming” for the Chinese Empire as well along with period-accurate language. This civilisation is more tent-based, which adds to their advantage of relocating easily in different locations – thus leading to some new tactics in the game. In the Imperial Age, one can see multiple-unit structures including barracks and stables.

What’s interesting this time is that units can now also hide within the trees for ambushes, inside the forest. The units are visible in Blue and with whispered responses.

A lot of stress has been given to naval battles too. Not a lot has been revealed on the gameplay but we can see better looking war ships and with more details.