Apple MacBook Air M1 available at an effective price of Rs 61,890 on Flipkart

Apple MacBook Air 2020

Apple MacBook Air M1 is one of the most powerful yet lightest laptops on the market. But it is also pricey, which is why most people do not buy it. If you have recently been planning to buy the 2020 MacBook Air, now would be the best time to get it. Essentially, Flipkart is selling the MacBook Air M1 at a big discount, but you will be able to save more through the exchange offer.

The deal is simple, but before I get started with it, let me talk about Flipkart’s upfront offer on the MacBook Air M1. Launched at an original price of Rs 92,900 back in 2020, the MacBook Air M1 is currently available at a discounted price of Rs 84,990. That means the discount here is Rs 7,910. While this is a good deal for people who were not interested in buying the MacBook Air M1 because of its high price, Flipkart will let you get an additional discount of Rs 23,100.

That big discount is essentially the maximum value you can get on exchanging an old, used laptop. Flipkart’s exchange programme lets you trade in your old laptop for a discount on the price of the MacBook Air M1. But keep in mind that the exchange value is subject to the condition of your laptop, as well as its specifications. Older laptops will probably not get you the maximum value.

For instance, I tried to book my MacBook Air 2017 for exchange on Flipkart and it showed me a value of only Rs 7,500. It is far less than the maximum amount, which is why the effective price of the MacBook Air M1 will vary. If you do not have an old laptop to exchange, the deal for Rs 84,990 is not bad considering Apple is still selling the MacBook Air M1 at its original price on its online store.

Why buying MacBook Air M1 makes sense in 2022

Apple revamped its MacBook lineup in 2020 when it launched its Arm-based Silicon processor. M1 is the first chip in the series and synthetic results have showed it is dramatically faster and more efficient than its Intel counterparts. We reviewed the M1-powered MacBook Pro back in 2020 only to find that it was blazingly faster than any MacBook before. That is to say that the Intel-based MacBooks are nowhere close to the M1-powered MacBooks.

The MacBook Air M1 may be only a little over one year old, but it is still one of the fastest laptops you can get right now. Apart from the performance, the fluid experience that Apple’s macOS offers makes for one of the best laptop experiences ever. If you have an iPhone, it makes a lot more sense to go for a MacBook because of the unmatched syncing capabilities of both devices.