Apple Podcasts Subscriptions are now live globally: Here are all the details


Apple’s Podcast channels and the premium subscription are now live and have been rolled out for all. The Apple Podcasts Subscriptions feature will enable creators to activate paid subscriptions for shows and channels. They can also opt for a model where the hows are free and the additional episodes are just for paid subscribers. The second option is what Apple is calling the ‘freemium’ model and this can include additional perks like unedited footage, archives, etc. Apple had announced the Podcasts Subscriptions feature in April this year and it was supposed to roll out then itself. However, it got delayed since some creators were facing issues with uploaded shows.

Apple has emailed all the creators to inform them that the Apple Podcasts subscription feature and the Podcast channels have been rolled out on June 15. The creators get to decide the pricing for subscriptions and can pick a billing plan that is annual or monthly. Creators also get to decide whether they want to offer a free model with no payment or the freemium model that allows users to listen in for free and then pay for some additional benefits. Creators can also opt for a paid model.

To be a part of Apple Podcasts, creators have to sign up for the Apple Podcasters Program to access the tools needed to manage the premium subscriptions. Apple Podcasts’ premium subscriptions cost ₹1,799/year in India and $19.99 in the US. Creators interested in being a part of this can sign up via the Apple Podcasts Connect website and there are no prerequisites like a minimum number of subscribers, so pretty much anyone can start using the features and get their content out.