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Apple 27-inch iMac Pro may launch in June


Apple seems to be working on the next generation of its Mac lineup and that includes a bigger iMac Pro. Rumours have suggested the iMac Pro will feature a 27-inch display, which is much larger than the 24-inch size of the 2021 iMac display. The launch of the iMac Pro is widely rumoured to come alongside the next-generation iPhone SE on March 8, but a new report has suggested a later launch timeline.

Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, said that the iMac Pro may not come in March but sometime in June. His intel on the launch of the iMac Pro contradicts a Bloomberg report that said the release of the 27-inch Mac will happen in March. And this is a follow-up to what Young predicted previously. He said that the iMac Pro would arrive sometime in the summer season in the US. He has now provided a clearer timeline for June, which is when Apple kicks off WWDC every year.

Hardware announcements at Apple’s annual developers’ conference are not new. Apple has previously introduced products – Macs mainly – at WWDC, so if what Young has said holds any water, seeing the launch of the iMac Pro at this year’s WWDC will not be a surprise.

Apple’s upcoming iMac Pro will bring several improvements over the 21-inch iMac launched last year. According to previous reports, which have said that the iMac Pro will come with a processor with a performance like the M1 Pro and M1 Max, which debuted last year with the Apple MacBook Pro. This unannounced processor will be faster than the M1 that powers last year’s 24-inch iMac and even the M2 processor that reports suggested will be inside the next MacBook Air model. It may use a miniLED display, which Apple introduced with last year’s iPad and MacBook.

The design of the 27-inch iMac Pro, however, will be the same as last year’s iMac, per reports. That means thin bezels and funky colours, but there is a high chance that a sober colour may be available.

Gurman has predicted that Apple’s portfolio this year will be its biggest in terms of launches by far. The 2022 lineup may include an iMac Pro, a Mac mini, a new MacBook Air, an entry-level MacBook Pro, the iPhone 14 series with four models, an iPhone SE 5G, an iPad Pro with wireless charging, and a new AirPods Pro. And to top it all, Apple may finally introduce its first augmented and virtual reality headset towards the end of 2022.