Apple Watch Series 7 review: Bigger and smarter


It’s all about a larger display, so large that it flows around the edges — Apple has adamantly highlighted this point in all its marketing materials for the Apple Watch Series 7. Is that enough for the discerning smartwatch buyer? Maybe! Maybe not! All I know is that this is “the new” Apple Watch and it’s supposed to be better than the Watch Series 6, which had defined benchmarks for smartwatches last year.

Starting at INR 41,900 for the 41mm version and INR 44,900 for the 45mm version, you are venturing into the luxury watch territory; more so if you choose the Stainless Steel or Titanium variants. This should then be perfect in all ways, right?

Apple Watch Series 7 Design

The Apple Watch has remained largely the same since the Series 4 redesign and this year is no different. Excluding the larger display, this is still the same iconic Apple Watch with the rotating crown and the usual curvy exteriors. Next to a Fossil Gen 6, the more expensive Watch Series 7 looks utilitarian, even in the fancy Starlight colour.

And as always with all previous Apple Watch models, the Watch Series 7 is supremely comfortable on the wrists. Whether I was working out or wearing it to sleep, the Watch Series 7 was happily sitting around. For more comfort, I recommend getting the Watch Series 7 with the Sport Loop.

Apple Watch Series 7 Smart bits

A larger display on a wearable is always a good thing and the Apple Watch benefits a lot with minor increase in its display dimensions. The display now stretches to the absolute edges, where it curves towards the edges similar to the countless high-end Android phones these days. It is certainly an eye candy.

However, there’s more to it than simple aesthetic gains. The watchOS 8 interface expands accordingly to fit in more text and more of everything. Hence, menus have larger touch targets and bigger buttons. Apple has even given it a QWERTY keyboard for replying to texts, which is insane but works as advertised — it is joyous to type your reply on the move. Just don’t make a typo as editing a text is painful. Or, just use the voice dictation, if possible.

Rest of the stuff is the same Apple Watch stuff we have grown to admire over the years. It still functions great as an extension to the iPhone: you can read most app notification content and reply to messages with emojis, texts and even Memojis. LTE or Wi-Fi only, it is easy to take calls on it and none of my callers ever complained of the voice quality. I was even able to play Apple Music libraries directly to my AirPods.

There are a lot of first-party Apple apps and services to play with (Walkie Talkie is my favorite one to embarrass my friend at work). However, you can install third-party apps from the App Store if the standard health suite isn’t enough. The performance is buttery smooth; the new S7 chip doesn’t have massive performance gains to offer but keeps everything fluid and eager.

Most importantly, the Watch faces are fun to tinker. The Series 7 exclusive faces look pretty but aren’t as functional as the Meridian watch face.

Apple Watch Series 7 Health bits

The Apple Watch has always been advertised as a fitness companion rather than a tracker. Thanks to a uniform watchOS experience, you get the same workout modes as all other Watch models. The Series 7 has some of the best sensors to utilise these modes and return near accurate workout data. I mostly used the Outdoor Walking workout to track my evening strolls and it measured the distances with pinpoint accuracy.