Boat steps into the gaming space with the Immortal 1000D headphones


Boat has just stepped into the gaming space with their new Boat Immortal 1000D headphones. These flagship headphones come with features like Dolby Atmos support, dual mics, RGB LEDs, etc. The Immortal 1000D headphones also come with 50mm drivers. These headphones also feature 7.1 Channel Surround Audio created by the Boat Plugin Labz which , the company says , processes high-fidelity sound and has been optimised by experts in gaming audio immersion. Users can also switch between 7.1 Channel Surround Audio or Dolby Atmos while gaming.

The Immortal 1000D headphones come with dual mics and a remote that can control audio, mic, and LEDs. The cable is braided for better durability and comes with a USB connector for easy access to all laptops and desktop gaming setups. The headphones sport closed earcups and come with plush cushions for a better seal and sound isolation.

These headphones are made with a breathable weave that minimises sweat and heat build-up from skin contact and the foam helps reduce the headset’s clamping force for more comfortable wear. The earcups on the Immortal 1000D headphones feature a breathing RGB LED light effect that matches gaming setups.

The Boat Immortal 1000D headphones are available in two colours – Black and White Sabre. They are priced at ₹2,499 and are available both on Amazon and the Boat website.

We are very excited to launch our very first gaming headphone – the Immortal 1000D in India. The Indian gaming industry has grown to become one of the world’s largest e-gaming markets due to the fast and affordable connectivity of the internet and smartphones, and we want to provide specialized audio accessories and peripherals to professional as well as casual gamers and enthusiasts. The pandemic further elevated online gaming as an alternative entertainment option for many people, including a large part of our boAthead community,” said Sameer Mehta, Co-Founder of Boat, while speaking about the company’s foray into gaming.