Facebook data leak: How to check if Facebook leaked your email ID


With the recent massive data leak of over 533 million users, Facebook has again proved that its platform cannot be trusted in regards to data privacy. A big chunk of the leaked account details that include phone numbers, email addresses etc. belongs to Indians also.

The recent Facebook data leak has reportedly compromised the data of over 6 million Facebook users in India, putting them at cybercrime risk. Apart from India, the US and UK seem to have been the most affected. 32 million US users and 11 million UK users’ data has been leaked. The leaked data includes users’ phone numbers, locations, date of birth, email addresses, Facebook ID, and bios etc. The data leak was discovered by Alon Gal, CTO, Hudson Rock, a cybercrime intelligence firm.

To check whether your email address was leaked, you would need to enter it on another site that’s mentioned below. However, we advise you to exercise caution and do it at your own risk as you are giving your email id to a random site that claims that it can tell the truth.

Here is how you can check whether your email id was leaked by Facebook.


Go to https://haveibeenpwned.com<br>


Enter your email address associated with the Facebook account and press enter<br>


That’s it. The results will tell you if your email id got leaked.


The website can also tell if your email id was part of some other leak.

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