Here’s how you can check Covid-19 vaccination data in your region – Latest News


Anxiety is something that has become a part of people’s lives in the last 12 months or so. First, there was anxiety about when vaccines for Covid-19 would be developed and now there’s anxiety about when one can actually get vaccinated. Or some people may be anxious to know how many people have got vaccinated in their areas. If you belong to the last category then Microsoft Bing’s tracker — launched last year — has now been updated.

The Bing tracker which was a useful tool to check the number of Covid-19 cases now has a tab that tells you how many people have been vaccinated. Not just that it also tells you which are vaccines available in the area — Covishield and Covaxxin in the case of India. The tracker also gives updates how about the total number of people vaccinated, how many have got the first dose and the number of people who have received both doses.

The dashboard further tells you local news related to vaccines and other resources to know about the vaccination program.

Microsoft isn’t the only tech giant to show vaccination data. Google is also showing a tab where if you search for terms like “Covid-19 vaccine” you will see data of a number of people vaccinated. However, when we checked on Google Search, it was showing two-day-old numbers. Google Search also has a sidebar that has options like “Where to get it”, “Side effects” “Effectiveness” among others.

Both these tools can come in handy if ever you need to check how many people have been vaccinated in your area/region/country.

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