Microsoft finally adds its classic Paint application to the Microsoft Store


If you want to quickly edit an image on Windows 10, there’s no better tool than Microsoft’s trusty old Paint tool. However, the company hasn’t exactly updated the tool with a number of features over the years, unlike other Windows components like the Start Menu. It looks like company could be working on changing that, as it has just published the Paint app to the Microsoft Store.

The arrival of Microsoft’s classic image editor on the Microsoft Store was first spotted by Aggiornamenti Lumia. Paint coming to the store means that the app will now be available as a UWP application and will be more secure compared to an app outside the store, thanks to sandboxing and other security features.

As Neowin points out, this is a rather strange twist of fate for both of Microsoft’s apps. The Paint app, which was supposed to shut down three years ago after Microsoft decided to deprecate the app – only to backtrack after public backlash, is finally on the store. Meanwhile, the more recent Paint 3D app, which was expected to live on, is scheduled to be removed along with the 3D Viewer tools on the store.

Going forward, the Paint app will be updated through the Windows phone, which is strange since the app also exists on Windows builds even after you reinstall a fresh build. However, it is possible that Microsoft could simply remove the Paint application from Windows on a future build and simply ask users to download it from the Microsoft Store. That would also allow users who don’t want to use the application to simply use something more advanced — like Paint.NET or the GIMP.