No compromise with quality of construction works


No compromise with quality of construction works – Public Works Minister Shri Bhargava

Senior officials including minister will conduct surprise inspections 

भोपाल : शुक्रवार, मार्च 5, 2021, 21:04 IST

Public Works Minister Shri Gopal Bhargava has said that no compromise will be done with the quality of construction works. He and senior officers will conduct surprise inspections for quality control. He gave these instructions to the departmental officers through video conferencing organised in the Mantralaya.

Minister Shri Bhargava said that building strong infrastructure is an important goal in self-reliant Madhya Pradesh. He said that Public Works Department is the largest government construction agency of Madhya Pradesh government. The Public Works Department has an important role in maintaining a better image of state governmente. He told all senior and field officers that senior officers must be present during construction of roads, buildings and bridges. Officers of Executive Engineer and Superintending Engineer level should monitor all the major projects on their own. In case of any accident or lack of quality, the responsibility of the officers concerned will be fixed.

Maintenance of roads before rainy season

Minister Shri Bhargava said that the state government has proposed 475 crore more in the budget of 2021-22 as compared to the previous year. Departmental officers should pay special attention to the quality of roads. All the damaged roads should be identified and maintained before the arrival of rainy season.

Mobile vans for quality control

Minister Shri Bhargava said that mobile vans are being started by the department for a surprise check of the quality of construction works. They will be used to periodically test the quality of the material being used at the site.

Conduct a drive to maintain all rest and circuit houses

Minister Shri Bhargava said that senior officers of Public Works Department should inspect all the circuit and rest houses and carry out maintenance work. Because the rest houses-circuit houses are a mirror of the department.

Special emphasis on quality of bridges

Minister Shri Bhargava said that special attention should be paid to the quality of the bridges being constructed by the Public Works Department. He said that in case of damage to the bridge, there is a risk of huge loss of life and property. The construction of these requires special attention.

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