Nvidia leak might reveal unannounced games like God of War for PC


You might have come across a confidential list from the Nvidia GeForce server which contains thousands of names of games, some you might have never heard of before. Now developer Ighor July has actually found one such list that includes games like the God of War (which is a PlayStation exclusive) that is “seemingly” coming to Windows PC via Steam. In case you want to take a look at this list yourself, SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik has published a version of it on GitHub as well.

As The Verge points out, there might be reasons to believe some of the content off the list is legit. Nvidia has confirmed that this is a real list, though the company claims it’s “used only for internal tracking and testing”, and includes “speculative titles”. It is well-known that Nvidia has access to many games long before they are released.

Sony, in particular, has been “banking on” getting its PlayStation games on PC. The company revealed Uncharted 4 was coming to PC after they witnesses a 250% return on getting Horizon: Zero Dawn to the PC. Sony “quietly” announced on Thursday that Uncharted 4 was going to be a part of the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. This is a name that hasn’t been heard before and features on the Nvidia list as well.

Other names on the list include Demon’s Souls and Final Fantasy XVI – these are games that Sony has “retroactively retracted all mentions of PC to make them sound like PlayStation exclusives. Another PS5 exclusive, Returnal, also features on the Nvidia list along with Final Fantasy VII Remake for PC. Some of the names on the list are also codenames for games.

However, the list does have a lot of names that seem “rather out of date or out of place”. For example, the whole lot of Facebook-exclusive Oculus Rift titles that just won’t work on Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service “or a mention of a ‘Titanfall 3’ which clarifies that it’s actually ‘GAMEapex_legends_-_titanfall’, aka Apex Legends, the popular battle royale game. And some of them may simply be guesses, like Kingdom Hearts IV, ‘BioShock 2022’.”

This essentially indicates that you should not believe everything you see on this list. But that said, the possibility of God of War for PC seems highly likely since it is one of the games that “specifically mentions Steam”.

Here’s what Nvidia had to say about this list –

“NVIDIA is aware of an unauthorized published game list, with both released and/or speculative titles, used only for internal tracking and testing. Inclusion on the list is neither confirmation nor an announcement of any game. NVIDIA took immediate action to remove access to the list. No confidential game builds or personal information were exposed.”