Only You on Spotify reveals your Audio Birth Chart and more: How to get started


Music streaming service Spotify recently launched a new personalised experience called Only You. The personalised experience adds features like a timeline of your listening history, a ‘dinner party’ for your top 3 artists and a Blend feature to discover music with your friends.

However, the most interesting new experience added to the app so far is the “Audio Birth Chart” feature, which reveals how much the music streaming platform knows about its users listening habits on the app. Spotify has previously been able to tell users about which artist or genre of music they listen to the most, the service is also offering them insights into their emotional state while listening to music.

Spotify describes the Audio Birth Chart feature as an “astrologer” for a user’s musical tastes that can reveal three artists from their library – a Sun artist that a user have listened to the most since January 2021, and a Rising artist that a user has recently discovered and can’t stop listening to. The third category is called a Moon artist, and Spotify says it will represent an artist a user listens to that best shows their “emotional or vulnerable side”.

Additionally, Spotify will also show users how their musical taste varies by showing them Artist Pairs, combinations of artists from different genres that users have listened to recently, while the Your Song Year will show users the music from different time periods they have listened to this year. The service even has the ability to show users what time of the day they listen to music or tune into their favourite podcasts, while the Dream Dinner Party feature givers users personalised playlists on artists they want to “invite for a dinner party.”