PUBG Mobile to stop this IMPORTANT Battlegrounds Mobile India facility


PUBG Mobile data transfer to Battlegrounds Mobile India app, the Indian version of popular battle royale game that was released after PUBG was banned in India last year, has announced that it will stop allowing users to transfer their data from PUBG Mobile Nordic Map: Livik (which the company is referring to as the “old” app) to Battlegrounds Mobile India if they use the Facebook login method. The company has revealed that BGMI users will have nearly a month to transfer their data from PUBG Mobile by logging in with their Facebook account, after which it will be shut down on September 28.

In a post on the Battlegrounds Mobile India website, the developers have explained the reason for the Facebook account based PUBG Mobile data transfer feature was being shut down. Thanks to changes in the Facebook SDK policy, the game will not allow users to move their data out of the banned game and into Battlegrounds Mobile India. Facebook will reportedly block users from logging into their accounts using an embedded browser on October 5, but it looks like Krafton has decided to shut down its feature for these users a few days before the deadline.

“We would like to request you to proceed with the data transfer before September 28th if you wish to do it using your Facebook linked account. Also, after October 5th, logins will be disabled unless the Facebook App is installed on your device; we apologize for the inconvenience, but please install the Facebook App to use the game,” the company stated in the post. Since there is no mention of Twitter accounts, gamers should be able to transfer their data normally using Twitter, even after this date.

Gamers who have signed in to Battlegrounds Mobile India to play the game (and not to transfer their data) need not worry, however, as these changes do not apply to logins for the game. This means that should players want to access the game while using their Facebook account, it should still work after October 5, but users will also need to have the Facebook app installed on their device.