Philips launches Fresh Air Mask with non-valve filter priced at ₹6,990


Royal Philips has launched the Philips Fresh Air Mask, which, as the company says, brings together breathing comfort, strong filtration performance, and contemporary design. The new mask is meant to help you protect yourself against the issue of rising air pollution in the country. The mask can be bought right now from Amazon and comes in two colours.

“The risk from air pollution is very real and getting worse by the year. While we are working towards a long-term goal of reducing pollution, it is also important to protect ourselves from its adverse impact on a daily basis. At Philips, our biggest strength is our deep understanding of consumer needs and demands. We carefully listen and empathize which enables us to offer innovations that are best in terms of comfort and technology.

Consumers today are health conscious and willing to invest in products that can improve and protect their health and wellness. Catering to this robust growth in demand, we today have introduced Philips Fresh Air Mask which is specifically designed to minimise the inconvenience caused by prolonged use of conventional masks, make you feel comfortable while keeping you safe.

It is a state-of-the-art product that combines comfortable breathing with filtration efficiency and stylish looks. It is an easy and practical way to ensure you and your family are protected from air pollution,” Vidyut Kaul, Head, Personal Health, Philips Indian Subcontinent said.

The Philips Fresh Air Mask is made with an air-fluid dynamic design that helps decrease humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels behind the mask. It also provides drier and cooler breaths every second making it more comfortable to wear as compared to other masks.

The mask is equipped with a 4-layered, high filtration, non-valve filter design, and has two-way filtration system that makes both inhaled and exhaled air pass through the filter. The fan module is also specially designed to avoid spreading filtered exhaled air horizontally outward, which could potentially affect those in the close vicinity of the mask wearer. Philips says to ensure effective air purification, the filter should be replaced after 40 hours of wear. When used at longer intervals, it is recommended to replace the filter at least every two weeks.