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Battlegrounds can be played for free now on PCs and consoles


There’s some good news for battle royale fans. Krafton has announced that the PUBG: Battlegrounds is now free-to-play (F2P) on console and PC both. PUBG: Battlegrounds’ F2P transition was announced in December at The Game Awards (TGA) and it has finally rolled out.

With this F2P transition, the game has also introduced Battlegrounds Plus which is an optional premium account upgrade that will allow players to get access to a whole bunch of new and exclusive in-game features, as Krafton announced.

All new players will start playing with a Basic Account that gives users access to most in-game features. Post this, players can upgrade to Battlegrounds Plus for $12.99 (Rs 961 approx.). This is a one-time fee.

Battlegrounds Plus gives players access to a bonus of 1,300 G-Coins, Survival Mastery XP and 100 per cent boost, a career-medal tab, a ranked mode, custom match functionality, and in-game items like the Captain’s camo set that includes a hat, camo mask, and camo gloves.

For all players who have purchased and played PUBG: Battlegrounds before it transitioned to F2P, will receive the PUBG Special Commemorative Pack that includes an automatic account upgrade to Battlegrounds Plus, Battle-Hardened costume skin set, Shackle and Shanks Legacy pan, and the Battle-Hardened Legacy nameplate.

PUBG: Battlegrounds’ 15.2 update has also been made live. This update brings in new Tactical Gear which is a category of in-game items that give players options to improve their in-game performances that do not involve pure gunplay.

The PUBG: Battlegrounds 15.2 update also brings in expanded roles with the new Tactical Gear that includes drones, EMT Gear, etc. The update also ensures better in-game fluidity with Action Queuing. With the Action Queue feature, players can queue up their next desired action by pressing and holding the button while a previous action is in progress.

The update also improves the onboarding experience for new players with revamped tutorials, AI training matches, and lobby tutorial missions and the quality of life with screen ping markers

“The game’s existing ping system has been improved with the added ability to display the ping on the screen where the player can see. This upgrade to the ping system is available in all Solo, Duo and Squad modes, but is unavailable in Ranked and Esports modes. The goal of this update is to enable quicker and clearer communication between squad mates,” Krafton explained.