VueReal demonstrates a scalable process to make RGB microLED cartridges for printing next generation displays



Enabling printing RGB pixel in one transfer without compromising any device performance

WATERLOO, ON, July 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – VueReal is pleased to announce that its multi device cartridge structure enables faster population of a display with higher yield and higher alignment accuracy. 

Most applications such as displays require more than one sub pixels with different devices per sub pixels. In case of microLED display, red, green, and blue microLEDs are required for each pixel. Moreover, most of these devices are fabricated in different environments using different material sets for higher performance. The common approach is to transfer each device independently to a large substrate. For a 4K microLED display, that means  three repetition of transfering of 8 million LEDs into a large substrate which can result in low throughput, low yield and high misalignment. “VueReal’s microSolidTM printing approach allows us to make a single cartridge consisting of different types of devices that are fabricated in their best conditions.  For display cases for example, the cartridge includes red, green and blue microLEDs and only one time transfer is required to populate all three colors in the pixels” explained Dr. Fathi, VP of Technology at VueReal. He added that “as the cartridges are developed using semiconductor process steps, the cartridge can have no misalignment between red, green, and blue microLEDs (or sensors) leading to higher resolution displays compared to separate transferred red, green blue LEDs into a display.” 

Dr. Reza Chaji, CEO of VueReal, highlighted that “VueReal is working with its partners to bring its cartridge solution to the market for early products such as tiles, automotive and wearable displays.  This will reduce the cost of the repair process by over 10 times while improving the throughput yield by over 3 times.”  He added that “high quality images of our multiDEVICETM Cartridge (RGB) are available under NDA.”



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