With 5G, the sky is the limit for Cloud Gaming


Gaming has come a long way since it first became available on PCs and gaming consoles several decades ago. Today, gaming has become quite commonplace on mobile handheld devices. And people are not only entertaining themselves with gaming, they are also watching live streams of games being played by professional players.

. Gaming has evolved into eSports and many have been able to participate in competitive gaming even while sitting in the comforts of their homes. This trend is going to continue and evolve further.5G and Edge Computing technologies have the potential to do away with the need for a consumer to invest in expensive gaming hardware, These technologies are enabling Cloud Gaming services on smartphones and tablets with experiences that are comparable to those on more expensive, console-like devices.

This opens opportunities for reaching out to a very large user segment comprising of casual gamers, professional and competitive gamers, and others. Globally, many 5G service providers have announced mobile cloud gaming services on a subscription basis or as a bundled offering with 5G data plans.

Advanced gaming use cases will enable service providers to cater to a large yet-to-be-addressed business opportunity, leveraging a combination of 5G and AI. Already, many of them are developing original content for their subscribers. It is possible that Cloud Gaming providers could similarly develop games that adapt not only to the specifications of the mobile devices used by gamers but also to the context of the respective environments in which they are located. Such AI-enabled Cloud games can create a highly immersive gaming experience for users.